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On this anniversary of 9/11, many old emotions are stirred up for each of us Americans. I remember sitting and watching the TV with my coworkers as the second plane hit. And then the hostility at me, for my religion, Islam, because the people who bragged about bringing down the World Trade Center towers claimed they were not only Muslim, but more Muslim than me. To those who did not know better, their argument made plenty of sense. They were willing to die after all and then shout “Allahu Akbar” as they killed thousands of innocent people. Their leaders wore long bears and turbans and lived in caves. Their zeal made them seem back then and even today more true to Islam, than the modern Islam I live in America. When it happened, I was a recent convert, who even then didn’t have the long beard or the turban. I live in the suburbs, love to wear jeans and at best have some stubble on my chin.
I worked that job for another two months. The hostility became too much. I quit during Ramadan because I was arguing with those same coworkers as I tried to fast. But I am in no way a victim of 9/11. People died, doing heroic things that I may never come close to doing. I went on to a better job, even though I still deal with the same old prejudice. When I first converted to Islam, I thought all Muslims were certainly rocket scientist. It took me about three years to begin to see Muslims as normal people who coincidentally happened to share my faith. As with any faith, there are those with whom you share a common vision and those who you are only connected to by the slimmest and slightest ways of prayer or belief.
I have studied Islam for ten years now. I am a poor student. I no longer see all Muslims as super smart. Some of us have an amazing ability to memorize long chapters of the Quran called Surahs. Some of us are at the mosque five times a day and never miss a group prayer. But then there are many others. There are those who almost never go to the mosque or go only during Ramadan or those who only go twice a year during the Eids (think Islamic Christmas) and those of us who see Islam merely as a culture. I have seen people who can memorize expertly say and think in ways that simply will never work in America. I have seen people who say they love Islam hate their fellow man in ways totally contradictory to our faith. Islam tells us to study, but as in any class, there are some who lose the basic message.
The simple analogy is that of both Jesus and Muhammad. Both started out as single individuals, totally surrounded by either ignorance or unbelief. A single believing soul in a sea of unbelievers, if either had come to their people and said, “slay the infidels,” today none of us would be Christian nor Muslim. The both of these great men spread their God-given truths with love and patience and wisdom. Christians know of the great compassion of Jesus and his teaching to turn the other cheek. But many do not know that our Prophet Muhammad is given a similar status in Islam. After his bloodless conquest of Mecca, Muhammad controlled hundreds of people who had spent years trying to kill him. In all, less than five people were executed and the rest of the city was spared and given total amnesty. They were his cousins and he knew them and their hate of him intimately, yet there was no bloodbath, no mass revenge. No mass murder. We are also taught about the Prophet’s neighbor who threw trash in his yard everyday and when the neighbor stopped, Muhammad inquired and found out he was ill and went to visit the same man who everyday had thrown dead animals and trash in his path.
To be a serious major world religion, you can’t be crazy and mad-dog intolerant. The history of Christianity and Judaism bear this out. I have known hundreds of compassionate Christians who would give you the coats off their backs. As a child on welfare, I was treated (indigant care) at a Jewish hospital when a wound I received as a 12 year old, almost caused me to lose my big toe. What is overlooked by those who don’t know better is that this history of compassion is a Muslim tradition as well. The prejudice I face today is that despite all the good Jewish and Christian people, some go bad. When someone goes bad who was raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition, Westerners know, that is someone who simply rejected good teachings and decided to be a criminal. Only in my faith, is there this uninformed assumption that the criminals know my faith better than I do.
This goes back to appearance. Catholic criminals don’t put on the Pope’s robes before they go out and do crime. Clothes, beards and hats are not the religion. In our hearts, somewhere we know, that if God exists, He loves us in spite of our religion. On 9/11 people rushed towards what looked like, and was for many, certain death. This is the best evidence of the existence of the human soul. That we care for each other and yearn to serve all of mankind in the best way is a basic human instinct. As Muslims we have it in every bit of our teachings. Yet hate overcomes some of us and the hate leads to ignorance or ignoring the good and basic teachings we get for something arcane, which often ends up being a twisted version of the product that has lasted for a thousand years.
If Muslims in 1930 decided to stage a mass murder of Americans or Europeans in the more hostile world of the 20th century, there is a high probability that there would be no major Muslim population in the world today. This criminal endeavor where people put on the clothes and the beard and then do heinous acts is a modern phenomenon, basically done by criminals who have dropped traditional teachings. In the Ottoman Empire for example, at the end people were not being stoned and beheaded with any rabid frequency because in Islam you are not to spy on your neighbor. In Islam, you are always think the best of any person and before you make any charge, you need at least four witnesses. So the stoning for adultery thing, unless you happened to be an exhibitionist, just didn’t happen much.
We Muslims are people. We are mad at the terrorists, and not just because they kill Muslims more than any other group. We are angry at them for lying on our religion. Some people from every sphere of life get caught up in anti American thinking and that includes Muslims. That is why you saw the cheering on 9/11. The Third World saw the bully getting bloodied, but that was not a cheer based on religion. It is not in Islam that we cheer the bad that comes to someone else. That was politics. There is a lot of bad politics in the the Arab world and even worse politics inside of Pakistan.
I am an American and a veteran and I want and pray for us to pick the right enemies, because we are America and we tend not to lose a fight. We need to pick the right fight and defeat the criminals, regardless of their professed religion. The terrorists’ only hope is that we pick the wrong people as we did in Iraq. Because when we unleash our might on innocent people, we create new enemies and isolate ourselves on the world stage. I am an American Muslim. This is my country. We need to win this war for America… and for the sake of the true spirit of Islam.
Peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allah
Gregory Abdur Rahman


This is Malcolm, dead on the floor, after the goons from the NOI shot him

Ash hadu alaa ilaha ill Allah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasullullah…

Louis Farrakhan is, by definition, a murtad (Arabic for apostate). He was with Warith Deen Muhammad when the Imam dismantled the original Nation of Islam, back in the 70s. For about three years, he was loyal to Imam Warith Deen. Then, after being thoroughly introduced to Islam in the Muslim American Society, Farrakhan left and restarted the Nation of Islam and made himself the new Elijah Muhammad. So Farrakhan is literally a man who has left Islam to found a false religion. Worst of all, he is considered by many to be an unconvicted murderer. In 1964, when Malcolm decided to leave the Nation of Islam and embrace true Islam, he began to receive death threats from the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan ran the NOI newspaper “Muhammad Speaks.” He placed a cartoon in the paper, just before Malcolm’s death, with his head separated from his body as punishment for daring to leave Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm’s house was fire bombed with his wife and children inside weeks before he was gunned down at the Audubon Ballroom. Before and after the fact, Farrakhan boasted of Malcolm’s death and for years, he used the Final Call, the new NOI newspaper, to belittle Malcolm and depict him as a traitor, for no reason other than the simple fact that Malcolm decided to stop being a black bigot.
This is what Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam really thinks about African Americans who embrace true Islam. Malcolm was one of the first and certainly the first to do it publically in a way that did dawah to millions of African Americans: The sources are listed first and then the quotes.

Timelines.com 1964….As early as February 1964, a member of Temple Number Seven was given orders by the Nation of Islam to wire explosives to Malcolm X’s car. On March 20, 1964, Life published a photograph of Malcolm X holding an M1 Carbine and peering out a window. The photo was intended to illustrate his determination to defend himself and his family against the death threats he was receiving. 
The Nation of Islam and its leaders began making threats against Malcolm X both in private and in public. On March 23, 1964, Elijah Muhammad told Boston minister Louis X (later known as Louis Farrakhan) that hypocrites like Malcolm should have “their heads cut off.”The April 10 edition of Muhammad Speaks featured a cartoon in which his severed head was shown bouncing. On July 9, John Ali, a top aide to Muhammad, answered a question about Malcolm X by saying that “anyone who opposes the Honorable Elijah Muhammad puts their life in jeopardy.”The December 4 issue of Muhammad Speaks included an article by Louis X that railed against Malcolm X and said that “such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death.”
…..In January 1964, Elijah Muhammad expelled his own son Wallace Muhammad, who had also been one of Malcolm’s closest friends. Wallace and Malcolm had both concluded that W.D. Fard could not have been Allah and that Elijah Muhammad had misrepresented Islam and Fard’s own doctrines. Wallace had also been the one of the people to confirm his father’s sexual infidelity to Malcolm. Malcolm eventually helped one of Elijah’s former secretaries, a woman whom he had recommended to work for Elijah, to file a paternity suit against him. Elijah Muhammad told his followers Malcolm’s days were numbered. The NOI newspaper, Muhammad Speaks, even carried a cartoon of Malcolm’s severed head bouncing down a street. 
Both threats and attacks were made against Malcolm and his followers. He had bodyguards accompany him everywhere and spoke often of his impending death.

Policyarchive.org…..A potential problem for the Nation of Islam is the incongruity of its anti-violent image and its violent message. A new documentary entitled Brother Minister, The Assassination of El Hajj-Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) shows a clip of Farrakhan, speaking in Chicago in 1993. “Was Malcolm your traitor or was he ours?” Farrakhan asks. “And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? You just shut your mouth and stay out of it-because pretty soon we’re going to become a nation, and a nation’s got to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats … there are certain paths you don’t cross!”

And who can forget the Muslims {Five Children included} that were slaughtered at Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s house back in 1973, when the NOI was at the height of its power?

Sports Illustrated SI Vault; /Wikipedia; AnsweringIslam: In 1950, Khalifa Hamaas Abdul Khaalis (Ernest T. McGee) joined the Nation of Islam in an attempt to bring the sect into line with orthodox Sunni Islam. By 1956, he had become national secretary. His efforts proved unsuccessful, so in 1958, he broke with Elijah Muhammad and founded the Al-Hanif, Hanafi, Madh-Hob Center, Islam Faith, United States of America, American Mussulmans. Based in Washington DC, the Hanafis still adhere to the basic tenets of Sunni Islam.The site of this crime was Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s, townhouse in Washington D.C. On January 18, 1973, the [NOI] mafia murdered 7 Hanafi Muslims. Two adults and five children, aging 9 days to 10 years, were murdered. The adults and one child were shot while the other children were drowned. The intended target of this crime was Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, of the Hanafi Muslims, for a letter he had written to the Black Muslims claiming that Elijah Muhammad was a false prophet and that certain members of Elijah Muhammad’s NOI were merely gangsters who were harming the name of Islam. Because the three-story, $78,000 building is also the U.S. center for Hanafi Moslems, an orthodox Islamic group of which Abdul-Jabbar is a member, and because of information given by residents of the house who survived the slaughter, both Abdul-Jabbar and the Washington police believe Black Muslims were responsible for the murders. The [pseudo] Muslims, whose formal name is The Lost And Found Nation of Islam, are a black separatist group founded in Detroit in the ’30s. The sect has many traditional Islamic trappings but subscribe to beliefs that are divergent from the teachings of the Qur’an. If the motive for the Washington slayings was a religious one, then Abdul-Jabbar, the most celebrated American orthodox Moslem, his wife and their nine-month-old daughter could be future targets…”

Just imagine. Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with his great work, the Imam ended this black racist nonsense in 1975, after he took over the original Nation of Islam. Imam Warith Deen was “the inheritor” of the NOI and he decided to end the madness. Allah guided Imam Warith Deen and through his leadership, literally overnight, thousands of black Muslims en masse stopped being stupid impotent racist criminals, embraced true Islam and became real Muslims. And Farrakhan was one of them. He pledged loyalty to Imam Warith Deen in 1975 and then later broke his pledge and that is the birth of the new Nation of Islam. It was born of the fact that Minister Farrakhan simply is unable to let go of ideas that went out of style about 40 years ago. His lie is worst than Malcolm’s murder. The new NOI are NOT Muslims…

Rima Fakih celebrates white America rewarding her for hiding her religion

Nature instills in animals two basic instincts: fight or flight. But there is a third option practiced in nature and among civilized people. The third option is hiding. Top of the line predators hide and wait in ambush for their prey. Herbivores hide in trees and grass, depending on their skin color or hair making them almost invisible and safe from the animals that hunt them.

Most black Americans had no choice when it came to the civil rights movement. In America there is something that no one discusses that’s called the “One drop rule.” One drop of black blood in your bloodline makes you black. So for any black person with the slightest black features, there was no hiding or not talking about it and passing. For most blacks, that was impossible. There were a few blacks who successfully hid in white America, but they were few and far between. Back in the early 20th century, whites were well aware that some blacks might slip through the color barrier and hide in plain sight. As a result, the greatest insult from those days was for one white man to say to another that there was black blood in his family. In 1912, Ty Cobb, the Hall of Fame baseball player is reported to have went into the stands and stomped a fan with cleats and beat him senseless for calling him a “half nigger.”

Today people hide behind ideologies or hide their ideologies. Blacks today who want to pass into the white world adopt ideas that may be unpopular in the black community. Clarence Thomas is the best example. Blacks in the Republican party or the conservative movement in general would also fall into this category. Being a marginalized minority is tough. Blacks certainly were locked out of opportunities for advancement and still lag behind the country in many indicators mainly because a black person can almost never hide his black skin. There is an interesting but unspoken of African cultural practice of skin bleaching, but even those Africans who successfully bleach themselves are not trying to pass for white as much as they are rejecting their naturally dark skin.

This phenomenon of hiding is as old as nature itself. It has been a part of the animal world from the beginning. Hiding has its benefits. It is an economical action, not requiring the massive amounts of energy required for out running or out-fighting a predator. As Muslims, many of us have adopted the hide in plain sight defense used in the animal kingdom. The problem is, when Muslims hide, it is much more complicated than when an animal crawls into its hole. There is a huge financial benefit for Muslims in America who don’t get too public about their faith. The West in general and America in particular pay huge rewards for outsiders who excel at assimilating and adopting American culture.

Unlike the Civil Rights struggle of the 60s, Muslims can pass the line into mainstream society simply by a change of clothes or a shave. Go to the Christmas party. Meet with the guys at the bar after work, and before you know it, you are on a fast track to good money and the American middle class. Many of these middle class, almost invisible Muslims are major contributors at your local masjid and their contributions are the life blood of many communities, so obviously there is a little bit of condescension and confusion about invisible Muslims versus the “show offs” with long beards and small pockets who spend all their time at the masjid instead of blending into a prosperous society.

All masjids reap finacial rewards because of invisible Muslims who go out into the dunya and bring back buckets of cash. But there is a down side. An essential element of being an invisible Muslim is that either people don’t know you are a Muslim, or if they do know you are a Muslim, they know you as a person who does not take Islam seriously…like the terrorist do for example. Or they think you are “practicing taqiyyah,” a sleeper in waiting and their tolerance then is nothing but keep you close so you can be watched.

Worst of all, non Muslims end up being misinformed about Islam because millions of Muslims literally refuse to practice Islam if they are not at home or the masjid. So the non-Muslims who interact with the invisible Muslims, learn that Muslim women don’t have to wear hijab and that Muslim men don’t have to go pray on Friday afternoon, which only adds to America’s confusion about what Islam really is. Invisible Muslims make all kind of excuses for not practicing Islam at work or around non Muslims. They never wear the kufi or the hijab outside of the masjid and even stop attending Jumah, because “you will never get ahead like that in America.” A major effect of this behavior is that many non Muslim Americans claim they have never met a Muslim, when a better truth is that they have never met a Muslim who was crazy enough to actually practice Islam in their presence. This leads to non Muslims getting the idea that any Muslim they meet are not supposed to wear beards, pray in the workplace, wear hijab or attend Juma’h.

Many public school administrators don’t even know the Muslim day of worship because the majority of Muslim parents refuse to take their kids out of school on Friday afternoons. The harm here is that then the serious Muslim parent comes along and tries to practice Islam around the same non Muslims, who because of their extensive exposure to invisible Muslims, see the Muslim parent or employee who wears a beard or a hijab or who wants to take their kids with them to Juma’ah on Friday as some sort of liars or extremists.

In other words, when some of us hide what we are, we reinforce the idea with our Jewish and Christian co-workers and neighbors that Muslims are, as a moral issue, supposed to hide what we are, which reinforces the idea that Muslims have to hide our beliefs, because we are ashamed and know what we do is wrong. The big wrong in hiding is that the hider is not the one who pays, but the Muslim who stands for Allah is the one who has to fight two or three times harder just to fix the false truths established by the ones who hide. And the invisible Muslims must measure the money they bring in against the increased hardship they create for those of us who believe that a central part of our religion is that, unless our lives are in immediate danger, we are not supposed to hide.

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